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Hi there, I’m Maisie Kern. I am excited to help you learn more about medical equipment and supplies through my website. The medical world greatly depends on equipment and supplies used for the diagnostic and treatment processes. Without these items, doctors and nurses would not be able to help patients recover from injuries or illnesses. My site will talk about each type of equipment in detail, including the maintenance and repair tasks required for each one. I will also explore all of the different supplies and the various ways they are utilized in a medical setting. Come back anytime to learn more.

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Pregnant Pooch Ultrasounds | A Guide For First-Time Pet Owners

Even though most dogs rapidly progress from one point of their pregnancy to the next without issues, you may find yourself concerned about how those growing pups are doing inside. Getting an ultrasound for your pregnant pooch is a good way to get a look at the health of her pups and find out how big of a litter you should be expecting upon delivery. Here are a few of the biggest questions pet owners tend to have about getting an ultrasound for their dog when they are expecting pups. 

Will your dog's belly have to be shaved for the ultrasound?

Yes, in most cases, the veterinarian will have to shave the dog's abdominal area before the ultrasound. Because ultrasound procedures rely on sound waves generated and sent through the skin, any material in the way could interfere with getting a good image. Skin-to-skin contact is ideal for the best imagery with an ultrasound. Even though your pet may have to be shaved, you should expect their fur to grow back pretty quickly. Just be mindful of their bare belly if it is extremely cold after shaving by providing your pregnant pooch with a sweater while she is outdoors. 

Will the veterinarian be able to tell whether the puppies are males or females?

It is highly doubtful that the vet will be able to give you an idea of whether the pups are male or female. Canines have genitalia that is much less pronounced than that of human babies when they are small, so deciphering the difference through ultrasound imagery is often impossible. Furthermore, the ultrasound machine that your vet uses is probably not going to be the same quality that you would find at an OB GYN's office. 

Is it safe for a dog to have an ultrasound?

Ultrasounds for a pregnant dog are considered to be a safe way to check the progress of the pregnancy. The procedure is so safe that it can be repeated several times if necessary to monitor the progression of the growth of the puppies and the pregnancy. 

How much will a ultrasound for your dog to have an ultrasound?

An ultrasound can range in price between $50 and $500 depending on how long the exam takes and what type of equipment the veterinarian uses. However, when your dog is having an ultrasound specifically for reproductive reasons the vet will already know what they're looking for, and the process is usually fairly cut and dry, which often means cheaper.