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Hi there, I’m Maisie Kern. I am excited to help you learn more about medical equipment and supplies through my website. The medical world greatly depends on equipment and supplies used for the diagnostic and treatment processes. Without these items, doctors and nurses would not be able to help patients recover from injuries or illnesses. My site will talk about each type of equipment in detail, including the maintenance and repair tasks required for each one. I will also explore all of the different supplies and the various ways they are utilized in a medical setting. Come back anytime to learn more.

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Three Things You Need To Consider To Get The Best Possible CPAP Machine

CPAP machines are used every day across America (and indeed, the world) by people who struggle with sleep apnea. Learning to live with a CPAP machine is not as easy as it might seem, but there are things that you can do to make this simpler. A lot of people buy the first CPAP machine they find without realizing that there are ways to customize it to suit you better. While you may get used to an ill-fitting machine, by spending a little bit of time researching what you might need you can save yourself a lot of bother. Here are three things you need to consider when buying a CPAP machine.

Ramp Feature

When first trying out a CPAP machine, you might find it extremely hard to fall asleep with air being forced into you. That is natural, and also why most modern CPAP machines come with what is known as a ramp feature. Just like how a ramp starts off small before escalating, these machines will only release a small amount of oxygen at first before gradually 'ramping' up over the course of the night. This will allow you to get comfortable and fall asleep sooner, thereby avoiding that discomfort. 

Extreme Thirst Or Parched Mouth

If you think about it, there is a lot of oxygen being pushed into your nose and mouth overnight while using a CPAP machine. This can cause some people to feel extremely thirsty or as though their mouth is like an arid desert when they wake up. The best way to avoid that is by trying out a nasal only mask, which impacts your mouth much less. Sometimes, if that is not an option, you may be forced to wear a chinstrap, but this is much easier to get used to than the initial CPAP machine, so most people don't find it as troubling.

The Right Fit

A CPAP machine will be used for years and years, so making sure you are comfortable with the fit of your mask is crucial. Wherever possible, you should try out a range of different masks that suit your personal needs. For example, if your doctor prescribes that you use full-face masks, then try out those options while ignoring the mouth or nose only varieties. There are so many different options for CPAP accessories that you are bound to find something that works, so do not give up until you are cosy because this will be with you for a long time.

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