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Hi there, I’m Maisie Kern. I am excited to help you learn more about medical equipment and supplies through my website. The medical world greatly depends on equipment and supplies used for the diagnostic and treatment processes. Without these items, doctors and nurses would not be able to help patients recover from injuries or illnesses. My site will talk about each type of equipment in detail, including the maintenance and repair tasks required for each one. I will also explore all of the different supplies and the various ways they are utilized in a medical setting. Come back anytime to learn more.

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An Ultrasound Table Can Make Ultrasound Exams Easier

A vascular ultrasound is a good tool for checking out the circulatory system of a patient. With an ultrasound, things like leaky blood vessels and DVTs can be found and diagnosed. But doing an ultrasound on a patient isn't always an easy process. Sometimes it takes some time to find the problem, especially in cases where extensive imaging is necessary. There are ways to make it easier. One of them is to use an exam table that is designed for vascular ultrasound examinations. There are several reasons to use one of these tables. 

Less Stress on Tech

One reason is that the table can be adjusted so that it is in the right position for the techs to use it without a lot of undue stress on their bodies. Having to contort and bend in order to reach parts of the patient's body can cause the ultrasound tech to put more stress and strain on their own bodies, which could cause them to have injuries. A properly adjusted table should allow the techs to roll a stool around it so that they can reach the patient easily. 

Easier on Patient

One of these tables is also easier on the patient. They need to be still while the testing is happening, and trying to hold still on an uncomfortable table can be difficult. It can also be painful for some patients. For example, a patient may not be able to lay flat on their back and a regular exam table may cause them to have to do that. Because the patient is in pain from laying flat on their back or is unable to lay flat on their back for more than a couple of minutes, it can be nearly impossible for the tech to get a good, clear reading. But vascular exam tables can be set up so that the patient is more or less in a supported, seated position. That can be much more comfortable for the patient, and let them sit for as long as necessary to get the entire ultrasound done. 

Ultrasounds are a good imaging and diagnostic tool. They let doctors see soft structures inside the body. A vascular ultrasound can be a great tool in mapping the circulatory system and diagnosing any problems with it. In order to make the proper diagnosis, it's important to make sure that the ultrasound is done well, which means that the patient needs to be still and the tech needs to easily reach the patient. An exam table designed for ultrasound testing can help with that. 

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