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Hi there, I’m Maisie Kern. I am excited to help you learn more about medical equipment and supplies through my website. The medical world greatly depends on equipment and supplies used for the diagnostic and treatment processes. Without these items, doctors and nurses would not be able to help patients recover from injuries or illnesses. My site will talk about each type of equipment in detail, including the maintenance and repair tasks required for each one. I will also explore all of the different supplies and the various ways they are utilized in a medical setting. Come back anytime to learn more.

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Get The Right Lift Chair For Your Degree Of Mobility With These Tips

As people age, one of the mobility challenges they face involves getting up from the seated position. While it's often easy enough to get out of a rigid chair, the same can't be said for couches, due to their soft cushions. Whether you've had a knee or hip operation or you're just finding that your mobility isn't what it once was, it's worthwhile to visit a medical supply store and buy or rent a lift chair. These chairs are unique — on the surface, they look like a traditional easy chair, but they come equipped with a set of controls that allow the user to carefully tip the chair forward to get in and out. Here are some tips for making sure that you get the chair that best suits your needs.

Consider The Positions

When you begin the process of looking for your lift chair, you'll see models that offer two positions and models that offer three positions. To make sure you get the right model, think about how you plan to use the lift chair. Three-position chairs recline, which their two-position counterparts do not. This means that if you simply plan on sitting in the chair or you have limited floor space in your home, the two-position model is preferable. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the chair, including sleeping, the three-position variety's ability to recline is what you're looking for.

Think About Your Weight

Lift chairs are built to handle different weights, so it's important to know exactly how much you weigh. A chair that isn't rated for your weight won't provide the same degree of comfort as one that is built for heavier people. Think about your health trends, too. Are you consistently losing weight or gaining weight? Keep this information in mind. For example, if you find that your weight is increasing, plan to buy a chair that will offer the right amount of support for your comfort.

Evaluate The Features

Lift chairs are equipped with a variety of useful features for their users, so it's important to consider how these features might benefit you. Some chairs have cup holders — not a make-or-break feature, certainly, but a cup holder can be useful if you plan to sit in the chair for long stretches and are constantly drinking water, for example. You can also buy or rent lift chairs with built-in heating, much like the heated seat of a vehicle. This is ideal if you're often chilly and find that you get uncomfortably cold when you sit for long periods. Contact a business, such as Corner Home Medical, for more information.